Hospital Management Software

Mamun Srizon

Hospital Management Software is a powerful, flexible and user friendly ERP Hospital Management System which connects hospital IP/OP Entry, Billing, LAB Reports into a centralized system enfolding all the hospital needs.
This Hospital Management Software is designed for Multispecialty Hospitals which cover a wide range of hospital administration and management processes. It integrates Administration, Patients, and Doctors and provides relevant information across the hospital.

Hospital Management Software - Feautures.


  • IP/OP Day collection, Doctor Fees Report
  • User wise Reports
  • Group by Date, Patient, Doctor, Service
  • Insurance Report
  • Admit Date wise Report
  • Discharge Date wise Report
  • IP/OP Service Report
  • Credit, Paid IP/OP Report
  • Scheme IP/OP Report
  • Pending, Paid Bills Report
  • Treatment report
  • Group by Date, Treatment
  • Discharge summary Report
  • IP/OP Advance, Refund Report, Discount Report
  • IP/OP Doctor, Lab Service, Customized reports
  • Group by Date, Treatment
  • Customized Reports


  • User accounts
  • Health Card Master
  • Service master
  • Department master
  • Room / bed master

Reception IP/OP Billing

  • Patient registration
  • IP Admissions
  • Bed Allocate / transfer/Release
  • Patient case sheet
  • Discharge summary
  • Discharge Entry

Centralized billing

  • IP/OP billing
  • IP Admissions
  • Service billing
  • Estimated Bill
  • Insurance Billing
  • Credit Billing
  • Part Payment for patient bills
  • Co-Payment for Scheme Patient Bills


  • Laboratory Master Entry
  • Lab Billing Entry
  • Generate Laboratory Report
  • Laboratory reports

Other Features

  • Search IP/OP
  • Doctors Master
  • OP Appointment
  • Records Department
  • Mortuary
  • Feedback